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Blue is my tool for composing with Csound. I originally created it for its ability to organize SoundObjects in time as well as to organize and automate the more mundane tasks that I've found in working with Csound. It's here to make working with Csound a more enjoyable and focused experience.

As the program develops over time I am finding more ways to make the user experience intuitive and the program faster to work with, as well as finding interesting new things to create to further the capacity for musical expression. The program's architecture is designed to be as open as possible in both things the user can do within Blue itself as well as the ability to expand Blue through the creation of plugins, and by taking advantage of both one can find many ways to create and shape musical ideas.

Beyond my own ideas on where to go with Blue, user feedback has also greatly shaped the direction and richness of the program. Please feel free to email me anytime with feedback, or join the Blue mailing list and discuss your ideas and thoughts there.

If you'd like to find out more about me you can do so on my on my website:

Thanks and I hope you enjoy composing with Blue!

Steven Yi