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SubList Processor

Parameters: start, end

The SubListProcessor will cut out notes from the soundObject's generated noteList. An example of it's use may be that you have a 12-tone row as soundObject in the soundObject library, and you're using instances of it as the basis of your work. You may only want to use notes 1-3 of the row, so you would use the SublistProcessor with a start of 1 and an end of 3.

The SubListProcessor will cut out notes, then translate them to start at the start of the soundObject, and then scale them so that they take up the duration of the soundObject. If you had a five note soundObject with all notes have a duration of 1 second, all starting one after the other, with the soundObject starting at 0 seconds on the timeline, and if you used a SubListProcessor with start of 1 and end of 4, you'd end up with four notes being generated(the first four from the original soundObject), starting a 0 seconds on the timeline, with each notes duration lasting 1.25 seconds, each starting one right after the other.

The following score:

i1 0 2 1
i1 + . 2
i1 + . 3
i1 + . 4

when processed with a SubList processor with start 2 and end 3, would result in:

i1  0.0 1   2
i1  1.0 1   3

(The p2 and p3 times above are post-processing for a 2 second duration soundObject with time behavior set to scale.)