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Random Multiply Processor

Parameters: pfield, min, max

The RandomMultiplyProcessor takes a pfield to apply the random multiply to, as well as a min and max for the boundaries of the random values. When applied, it will multiply a random value for each note in the assigned pfield, using a new random value per note.

The RandomMultiplyProcessor expects either a positive or negative float value for the min and max, and a postive integer for the pfield. The following score:

i1 0 2 80
i1 + . 80
i1 + . 80
i1 + . 80

when processed with an RandomMultiplyProcessor with min set to 1.0, max set to 2.0, and pfield set to 4, results in the following:

i1  0.0 0.5 85.553246
i1  0.5 0.5 148.94167
i1  1.0 0.5 125.57565
i1  1.5 0.5 97.00755

(The p2 and p3 times above are post-processing for a 2 second duration soundObject with time behavior set to scale.)

If seedUsed is set to "true", the random number generator will be initialized using the given seed value. The seed value must be a valid long integer value (-2^63, 2^63-1).

The above is an example of random values, and because it is random, the results will be different on another processing pass.