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Accepts NoteProcessors: yes

A timeline object that acts as a container for other SoundObjects. PolyObjects can also be embedded within each other.

Try This

On the root timeline, rt-click on a soundLayer and select "Add new PolyObject". You should have added a new PolyObject to the timeline. Now either double-click or rt-click on the PolyObject and select "Edit SoundObject". You should now be within the PolyObjects timeline, and the button which says [root] should now have another button next to it that says [PolyObject]. Now try adding a few soundLayers and a few GenericScore Objects. Now click on [root]. You have now returned to the root timeline. Here you should see the PolyObject you've edited. Now you can scale the object you've created and all of the objects held within will scale together as a group.