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Sound Objects

Sound Objects are objects on the score timeline that are primarily responsible for generating score data.

Common Properties

The following are properties that all SoundObjects share.

Name of the Soundobject
Subjective Duration
The duration of the soundObject on the timeline (versus the duration of the generated score within the soundObject, which may be different). How the duration relates to the generated score contents is controlled by the "Time Behavior" property.
End Time
Read-Only property that shows the end-time of the soundObject
Time Behavior

Selects how subjective time should be used on a soundObject. Options are:

  1. Scale - The default option, stretches generated score to last the duration of the soundObject

  2. Repeat - repeats generated score up to the duration of the soundObject

  3. None - Passes the score data as-is (When using Time-Behavior of None, width of soundObject no longer visually corresponds to duration of the soundObject's score.)

About Note Generation

Sound Objects generate notes in the following manner:

  • SoundObject generates initial notes

  • NoteProcessors are applied to the generated notes

  • Time Behavior is applied to the notes

Partial Object Rendering

When using a render start time other than 0.0, how soundObjects contribute notes depends on if they support partial object rendering. Normally, notes from all soundObjects which can possibly contribute notes to the render (taking into account render start and render end) are gathered and then if any notes start before the render start time they are discarded as there is no way to start in the middle of a note and to know exactly that it sounds as it should as blue's timeline only knows about notes and not how those instruments render.

However, there are certain cases where blue soundObjects *can* know about the instrument that the notes are generated for and can therefore do partial object rendering to start in the middle of a note. This the is the case for those soundObjects which generate their own instruments, such as the AudioFile SoundObject, FrozenObject, the LineObject, and the ZakLineObject. For those soundObjects, if render is started within the middle of one of those, you will hear audio and have control signals generated from the correct place and time.